Tenant Utility Requirements & Utility Guide

Tenant Utility Requirements & Utility Guide

Tenant Utility Requirements

A. Get Utilities Connected Before Move-in

You must make sure utilities are on before you take possession of the property. If you fail to make said arrangements, you may be in the property a few days before the utilities are on. We think we can tell you which company to call, but this is a moving target and we often don't have the right numbers. If you fail to have the utilities on in your name at move-in, there will likely be chaos, frustration, arguments, and costs.

B. Keep Utilities On and Bills Current

Failure to keep utilities on (and bills paid) during your stay may result in a default in your lease. Never turn the heat and air conditioning off during your vacations, especially during cold weather. When utilities are off, there is an increased possibility for burst water pipes, mold, etc. Keep garage doors closed during cold snaps, as garages often do not have the insulation houses do and pipes freeze easily. Keep utilities on at all times. 

C. Keep Utilities On through the Move-out Inspection

You must keep utilities on through the move-out inspection according to your lease agreement. If they are not on for our inspection, your lease calls for $100 re-connect service charge plus hard costs. 

Tenant Utility Guide

This directory of utility companies that serve customers in the Greater Birmingham Alabama real estate market. This directory provides all of the contact information and is broken down by city. We hope that we find this directory useful as you transition between homes.